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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. >> it is a thursday morning, september 8th. breaking news right now at 6:00. a kayaker missing off quincy for hours found safe. how he made it t his kayak overturned. >> a strange smell forces evacuations. the tanker inside that sent six people, including children, to the hospital. >> and commuter rail workers fired, others under investigation. how the company says they violated the trust of taxpayers. >> and students in boston heading back to school today. what they need to know. >> we'll be sharing some of our back-to-school pictures this morning as well. let's check on the forecast. danielle niles here for that.
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it's locally thick too, so visibility is rest re deuced to a quarter of mile. dense fog for us. same for provincetown. notice the fog is widespread this morning. it will take until mid to late morning to burn off. temperatures 66 in wooster. 68 in boston. most of us in the upper 60s. the documents are in the 60s too. so it is sticky. you'll feel it. kind of a soupy gloomy start to the day. a lot of low clouds in place. we will see skies later on. a few quick sprifshg els on cape cod. you may need the wipers on along route six. the planner goes this way, out of the 60s we climb, breaks of sunshine and isolated shower through midday. topping out in the 80s today with a blend of sun and clouds for the ride home. 90s tomorrow. details coming up. >> it is a dark and foggy out there just like you said. this is a live look at the zakim bridge which you can't even tell right now. you can see that traffic is
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on the leverett connector. further north there is some slow and go traffic as you make your way into the city on 93 south. route three through lowell has a couple of trouble spots as well. 95 north is stop and go up to 128. like danielle said, there is a dense fog advisory out until 9:00 a.m. especially along the coast. so keep that in mind as you head out the door. breaking overnight a k kayaker missing found safe. we're learning new details about what happened. >> nick giovanni is live in quincy with the latest and a warning. >> reporter: kate and ken, the coast guard basically chalking this off as a good reminder to wear a life jacket. spending four hours overnight searching for that missing kayaker, as you mentioned. the good news this morning, we have now learned that kayaker, 30-year-old kyle rager has been located safe and sound.
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seven-foot kayak last night. the coast guard got a caught from his girlfriend around 2:15 this morning after sending out helicopters, boats trying to locate him. she said his kayak had overturned. he was not wearing a life jacket at the time. did manage to swim ashore, though himself. his kayak is still adrift this morning. the good news is he is okay. investigators wanting to talk much more about this with him later this morning. but again, very welcome news when you look at the conditions out there in quincy bay right conditions. so certainly a tall task last night, trying to locate him. that's the latest this morning. >> thank you, nick. some developing news now. police investigating a deadly shooting in dorchester. a man was shot on ripley road at about 8:30 last night. but so far no arrests have been made. six people including three children rushed to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. firefighters were called to an
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smell. they cover discovered the co problems. the level were extremely high. everybody was ordered out of the units at the riverside condominium community. >> the alarm went off so i opened uppen -- opened up the door. i smelled something. i grabbed my dog. >> good thing somebody called. he smelled something funny and it turned into a bit serious situation. >> the six victims are at the hospital where theyav residents were allowed back in the building hours later once the air had been cleared out. a driver has been. cha -- has been charged in that deadly crash in newton. bradley casler is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide. the 55-year-old newton man lost control of his suv and drove into the pizza shop on march 1st. customers gregory morin and he will amore kneely were killed.
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waiting for a long time for this. >> he has to be accountable for something. it's tough. and it still is tough, i'll tell you. i still -- every day when the phone rings, i think it's her calling me. >> casler's arraignment hasn't been scheduled yet. the city of newton is installing safety barriers in front of the restaurant. no word yet on when that restaurant might reopen. six commuter rail employees fired over issues with their attendance and timecards. keolis who is an internal audit found the issues in their mechanical department. the company tells wbz the employees broke the companies rules of ethics and violated taxpayer trust. three other employees are under investigation. we should know by friday whether boston police will be forced to wear body cameras. the two sides took their battle to court but with no agreement, it's now up to the judge. when officers didn't volunteer for the pilot program, the
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participate. their union sued, arguing that forcing them to wear the cameras violates their contract. most students in the city of boston are heading back to school today. >> local officials will be on hand to give the kids well wishes. nicole jacobs live in hyde park with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, ken. summer is over for more than 200,000 students here in the city of boston. it is back to school for many of them today. and they will superintendent tommy chang and mayor marty walsh. in fact, the mayor is kicking off the school year with a welcome back video to students and staff, which he filmed at one of the local elementary schools. of course we have to address the ongoing issues of lead the school system has had. additional schools tested positive for traces of lead over the summer. the superintendent says where the problem has not been rectified bottled water will be available. but they are also starting
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and that is they will flush every single water fountain at every single school every morning. they believe that will get rid of any lead that may have set in overnight. just a few travel tips for kids. these are from the district attorney's office. he recommends that you walk in groups. that you cross the street at intersections using the crosswalk and the crossing guard and of course never walk behind now new mission high school begins here this morning at 7:40. again, the mayor and the superintendent are both expected to be here to welcome students and staff. we'll bring that to you when it happens. we're live in hyde park, nicole jacobs. today is primary day in massachusetts. there are no statewide races on the ballot. but there are contested open legislature seats. several coincidence will be electing new sheriffs.
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voters casting their ballots. polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. vice presidential candidate and former massachusetts governor bill wells will speak to students today. wells is running with gary johnson on the libertarian ticket. their first big test will be securing a spot in the debate. to do that they need 15% of the vote in public opinion polls. hillary clinton and donald trump are back on the campaign trail today. last night they too stage at different times answering questions from veterans. cbs anna daniels has the highlights. >> the main thing is i have great judgment. >> reporter: donald trump fought to win over voters including service men and women last night. maintaining he was against the war in iraq. >> i was totally against the war in iraq. >> reporter: and hinting at a private plan to defeat isis. >> if i i -- if i win, i don't want to broadcast to the enemy what my plan is. >> reporter: republican nominee
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immigration policy. >> do you believe that an undocumented person who serves -- who wants to serve in the u.s. armed forces deserves to stay in this country legally? >> that's a very special situation and i could see myself working that out, absolutely. >> reporter: trump grew defensive when questioned by moderator matt laurer about his relationship with russia's president. >> if he says great things about me i will about him. >> an absolute rock stead iness. >> reporter: hillary clinton her temperament while drawing a line in the middle east. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and we're not putting ground troops into syria. >> reporter: the nominee spent much of the night defending herself against her e-mail scanned dal. >> i communicated about -- scandal. >> i xhub indicated about classified material on a wholly separate system. i took it very seriously. >> reporter: the two candidates go head to head in their first
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of the month. hannah daniels, cbs news. >> the boston bruins new practice facility officially opens today. it's called warrior ice arena. it's located at boston landing along the mass pike. management and players will be at tonight's grand opening along the governor and mayor walsh. after the ceremony the first official game will take place, the youth all-stars will face off against the bruins alumni. el bruins fans can score some tickets today. individual home game tickets for the upcom sale at 11:00 this morning. the bruins will open the season against new jersey devils at the td garden on october 20th. coming up on wbz this morning, a cool new look for city hall. >> we'll show you the updated plans to make over the plaza for winter. >> also a local doctor who beat oboe la hitting the road today. the new mission as he bikes across massachusetts. >> also ahead this morning, an injured dog on the road to recovery. we have an update on maverick,
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his paw. danielle, good morning. >> good morning to you. so we have clouds and some areas of fog, even a shower or two this morning. temperatures climb in the 70s by recess for the kids. 80s this afternoon for back to school. ken, back to you. >> and we're sharing our back-to-school pictures this morning. can you guess who this is? the guy i'm sitting here for this morning. that's chris mckinnon this morning. >> so cute. and how about this one? who is this little cutie pie? he's already looking at traffic through that window. yes, it's brianna pitts with ler jean dress and back pick ready
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every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area.
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public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few. don't lift the cap on charter schools.
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. time now 6:14. i know you typically think of drones flying in the a researchers the perfect opportunity to use undersea drones called flieders. they launched them before the storm hit. kind of look like little torpedos there. launched them up to 300 feet. they're still out there right now. measuring all the data. >> it will be interesting because that's really where hermine did the most impact was under the water. >> waves and heavy surf.
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help forecast better and actually good thing that hermine stalled out and slowed down. >> all right. interesting. >> good stuff there. a shower or two today. it's going tock -- going to be warm and muggy. check out this shot of the city of boston. foggy start. you can barely see in spots. that's the one thing slowing you down as you head outside this morning. dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. right along the coastline, so the areas of gray back up to essex county and back to the hampshire sea coast and the coastline of maine, visibility a quarter mile or less. the fog is going to take a little time to burn off probably not until late morning. dense fog at logan airport right now. same in provincetown. it's patchy elsewhere. 66 in wooster. 66 in laconia. it doesn't really matter where you go, southern maine, central part of the state, we are in the middle to upper 60s for most of
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readings on the map this morning. satellite and radar pretty quiet. there are low clouds and an isolated shower. notice a couple coming over near. make it a quick -- may get a quick sprinkle on cape cod this morning. there are additional showers and thunderstorms back to the west. just a few of those move in overnight tonight. so in the meantime 80 to 85 today. it's going to be pretty warm. light wind coming in off the ocean. we're right around 80 on the we'll be 87 in fitchburg. so it will be warm and sticky kind of uncomfortable for sleeping tonight. there will be a chance of a rumble of thunder waking up. humid. overnight low right around 70 for most of us. let's take you through the hour by hour. notice not a ton of green showing up on the map today. so that means not a hole lot of shower activity. maybe an isolated sprinkle or light shower through early afternoon. the we turn a little bit brighter for the second half of the day of the clouds will fill back in. this is the map at 11:00 p.m.
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see a shower, quick downpour, rupable of thunder. it will be isolated. nothing severe tonight. and then tomorrow morn it's a blend of sun and clouds. no weather- related issues with the morning commute with dry conditions. 90 in boston tomorrow. record to beat is 93. that was set actually just last year. we won't quite get there. drier air working in. high pressure starting the weekend. that will mean temperatures right around 80 of storms for the weekend. a lot of the weekend spent dry. a beautiful start to next week. mid-70s on monday. back on the 80s on tuesday. there's an accident you should know about before you head out the door. it is happening on 93 south, exit 37. traffic is backed up one exit to exit 39. this is not good for the commute. we will keep our identify on it. let you know if drive times skyrocket or look for alternate routes. checking in on the expressway
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the way from the split. we do have that dense fog advisory in place until 9:00 a.m. so just keep that in mind. we have some cool news here. boston has signed a contract with the owner of the t.d. garden to give plaza a makeover for the winter. we have a closer look at the latest design. it includes an ice skating path and a european-inspired holiday shopping market. it will have food and drink vendor is housed some chalets. this is the next step in the vibrant space for the public year round. it will open after thanksgiving through february. the city also wants to try putting picnic tables on the plaza and a beer garden. big plans there. >> anything to distract all that concrete. the massachusetts doctor who survived ebola is raising money to fight another deadly virus. today dr. rick sake ra starts
6:19 am
that lasts three days. he will discuss the resurgence of hiv in countries like liberia. in fact, he contracted ebola while serving as a missionary physician there. a dog who was the physician of serious abuse is now settling in with his new family. maverick the german shepherd actually chewed off part of his own paw. he was rescued by animal control officers and now he has a new forever home with a who says it was love at first sight. >> it was like we had known him for years. he was giving kisses within a minute he had rolled over and wanted his belly rubbed. >> his paw is still healing. he has another surgery scheduled for today. but vets say he is doing just fine. well ahead the local company getting help in search for a ski can a vac even. >> plus mystery on the cape, this special moment caught on camera leading to a search this morning. >> a treat for pets and their
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the special truck rolling into town today. >> on this back-to-school thursday, this is our photographer jason bacon's kids. all right. there. they're psyched, ready to go. good luck to all those students heading back to class this morning. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants.
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. welcome back. a company trying to create a vaccine is getting the green light from the federal government. they won an $8 billion federal grant to speed up the search for a vaccine. the company researchers how the body with use its own cells to fight the disease. there's now a reward to find information about a person who took a lobster cup el tour from a park.
6:24 am
building that reward hoping it will return the lobster. it vanished saturday. it's part of an art display. move-in weekend is proving costly for landlords that don't fix problems. the city's telling the globe it issued nearly 3500 fines for things like excessive trash and hundreds more for violations of building codes. still,ed -- the head -- et -- the he head s bad. food trucks are one of the best places to get lunch in boston. today your dog can enjoy the same experience. they will be offering free dog treats and training demonstrations. also information on keeping your dog at a healthy weight. you can see the truck at state and atlantic. the corner there from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. well police are trying to solve a mystery and it's not a crime. they found this painting in a home of a photographer who
6:25 am
they say it was painted in 1964 from a black and height photo. it was also found in the home, that picture. they want to find out who the man is he so they can give the portrait to his family. another mystery this morning. this one on cape cod. check out the beautiful picture. the question is, who is this couple? a woman captured the photo of the couple getting engaged at sunset at a beach in dennis. she didn't want it interrupt the moment but now her daughter is posted the picture on facebook in hopes of to give it to them. if it's you, congratulations and well done with timing that proposal with the sunset. it could not have been more perfect. >> so we have two picture mysteries. >> two. let's hope this one she said yes it makes the story a lot better. >> for follow-ups. lots more copping up in our next half hour, including the new rules at disney world for some young kids. >> plus, help for parents when it comes to those back-to-school
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. breaking news right now. a massive search for a missing kayaker is over. he's safe this morning. how he got back to shore. >> also new clues in a hit and run that injured a teenager. the video police hope cand >> kurt schilling has a new gig. 0. welcome back on this thursday morning. >> 6:30 on your thursday. first day of school in boston, daniel. a lot of kids hitting the bus today. the question is what do we dress them in. >> i would say shorts because it is going to be warmer later on.
6:30 am
dressing for summer here out the door. quarter mile visibility in boston right now. you can barely see in marsh field. it's locally dense. it's thick. that's the one thing you want to be aware of. mid to upper 60s temperature-wise right now. just a couple of stray sprinkles that you may encounter. most of us are dry. there are a couple of light pockets of drizzle possible. cape cod bay, near the cape cod anal. otherwise the fog lifts and burns off by most of us. the skies do turn brighter. we're in the mid-70s. it will be stuckey -- stick -- sticky from start to finish. lower 80s, just an isolated shower, much of the day is dry. still humid. we're even hotter to end the week. let's get you on the roads. >> good morning. this is a live look at the eastbound lanes on the pike. we have no problems here, but further back in framingham there is back-up around exit 12 and exit 13.
6:31 am
accident, 93 south. it's blocking the shoulder after exit 37. well a second accident has just popped up. this one in wilmington at exit 38. you can see the back-up from this is building fast. it is all the way back to exit 42. there is now a 22 minute delay. so that's considered a severe delay this morning. look for an alternate route. >> thank you. breaking news this morning. a kayaker missing for hours found safe overnight. >> wbz' nick giovanni is live with the latest. he also has others. >> reporter: good morning to you both. search crews considering this really a best-case scenario having worked through the night trying to find that kayaker. you can see kind of what they were up against overnight dealing with the foggy and rainy conditions out across the quincy bay. we're talking state police, quincy police, coast guard, they were all out here throughout the night searching for 30-year-old kyle rager who was reported
6:32 am
night. he went out in a kayaker. early this morning, investigators say they got a call from rager's girlfriend saying he showed up at home safe and sound. she told the coast guard that his kayak had, in fact, overturned. he was not wearing a life jacket at the time. but did manage to swim ashore. did he lose all of his belongings and at this hour, that kayak is still missing this morning. the coast guard is asking if you do come across it, to let them know. they do plan to talk to rager later this morning to exactly what did happen. we're live in quincy this morning. >> nick, thanks. students at boston university are urng month the death of a freshman killed by a commuter train. police have not revealed the victim's identity, pending notification of his parents in china. investigators say the 17 year old apparently walked on to the tracks and was hit sometime tuesday night. an employee found the teen's
6:33 am
suggests this is just a tragic horrendous accident. >> i looked out the window and i saw dozens of police searching for flashlights. and we saw body sprawled out. >> police are still investigating how and why that student got on to the tracks. investigators are going over new video of a hit-and-run in lowell. the driver crashed into a teenager and then sped away. you can see the driver speed into a group of people, two of them jump out of the way. the 19 year old woman can't esca into her. it happened on monday. that woman is out of the hospital but police are now looking for a gray or silver sedan with front-end damage and a cracked windshield. well west wood notoriously low hanging bridge has claimed another bridge. you can see why. this crash yesterday is the latest in a series of accidents involving two tall trucks. fortunately no serious injuries.
6:34 am
bond accused of poerzing as an uber driver. investigator say last weekend, 18-year-old samuel texadore offered the student a free ride to her apartment. they say he then assaulted her in his car. she demanded that he stop the car and when he did, police say she was able to get away. osha now investigating a cambridge lab where an employee was burned. two people at massachusetts technologies were working with nitric acid yesterday when was a bad check cal reactions. pair -- chemical reactions. three firefighters are recovering after this house fire in hing al. the flames burned through the historic building just outside hingham center yesterday. a neighbor tells us they was moving out when she saw smoke pouring from the home. >> i heard the men screaming, and i did think like, wow, that's pretty harsh, first i thought he might have been mad, but then it was like get out
6:35 am
firefighters will be okay. no word yet on what caused that fire. coming up on 6:35 now. most students in the city of boston are heading back to school today. >> and they'll be welcomed by local officials. wbz nicole jacobs is live in hyde park this morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is back to school for more than 200,000 students here in the city of boston as the summer is over. i can also tell you will start the school year with superintendent tommy chang and mayor marty walsh welcoming them back to school. in fact, mayor walsh is kicking off the school year with a welcome-back video to students and staff, which he filmed at one of the local elementary schools. of course, we have to address the ongoing issues of lead this school has had. additional schools tested positive for traces of lead over the summer. the superintendent says where those problems have not been
6:36 am
available. but they are also starting something new this school year, and that is they will flush every single water fountain at every school every morning. and they believe this will help get rid of lead that may have set in overnight. just a few back-to-school travel tips for kids getting to and from school. these are from the district attorney's office. he recommends that you walk in groups, that you cross the street at intersections so you can use the crosswalk and crossing guard. and of course, neveral or in front of a bus. the school day here at new mission high school begins at 7:40. again, it's one of the first stops for mayor walsh and superintendent chang as they greet students and staff. we'll bring that to you when it happens. we're live in hyde park, nicole jacobs. >> nicole, thanks. with kids back in school that means it is time to pack lunch. but nutritionists say there are
6:37 am
they include waive stowed yum for kids. you can try roasting your own instead. some other healthy tips, swap mayo out for hummus. use spinach instead of letus. avoid dipping sauces that are packed from sodium. >> a chicken is roasting right now. former red sox pitcher kurt schilling is getting another chance. he has signed a contract to join the radio network. the showil until noon saturday morning streaming online. they're still looking for a local station to broadcast it over the air. espn you may remember fired schilling as an analyst back in may after he posted a controversial meme online. swimmer ryan lochte has been suspended for ten months over his reports of a robbery in brazil. according to usa today, the international olympic committee handed down the sentence last night. it's longer than any of the other swimmers that were with
6:38 am
gunpoint. more people are flying but it appears wait times at security checkpoints are actually going down. the tsa says 92% of travelers waited 15 minutes or less this summer, thanks in parts to the agency hiring new workers and boosting the number of people in the precheck program. this past spring, hundreds of customers got stuck in lines for hours claiming the tsa was not ready for a spike in travel. walt disney world is now requiring children between the ages of fingers scanned before entering the theme park. it's a way to prevent people from sharing tickets. older guests have already been scanning their fingers. well apple did not wow investors with its new iphone and product launch. shares rose but only by a fraction. the iphone 7 is water resistant with longer battery life and a better camera. but no headphone jack. lightning ear pods and a converter are included or you
6:39 am
pods, their wireless earbuds. inlostors are concerned there aren't enough upgrades. new englander are first in the country to test out some new muffins from mcdonald. the fast food giant is selling them in three varieties. mcdonald's says the muffins are baked fresh every morning and tested out in all six new england states. a local high school is rallying behind an 11 year old who is in the fight of his life. last night connor hefler named an honorary captain of the boys's soccer team and the national anthem was son by renee rancourt. connor is battling a rare stage four terminal cancer. but despite that tough diagnosis, his positive at this remains contagious. >> how do you keep that positive spirit? >> just don't think about the negative. >> we don't have a choice. we as a family refuse to let one
6:40 am
the show of support wasn't just on the field, fans were asked to wear connor's favorite colors, blue and orange. and some raffle tickets were sold to help fund his treatment don't think about the negative, i'm going to do that all day long enter simple and perfect. just ahead a check of the day's top stories including a apartment evac wade. >> the -- evacuated. >> the brew ins new practice facility opens today. the team won't waste any time before hitting the >> good morning, kate. temperatures climbing into the 80s today. it's going to be warm, it's going to be muggy with just an isolated shower or two. a little bit of patchy fog this morning. i'll let you know when it burns off. i'll take you through the weekend when we come back. . >> plus could donald trump make money on his own campaign? more real news coming up on cbs
6:41 am
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare...
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ter what they're throwing at me... i'll never stop fighting for you. . on your mark, get set, register. the race to secure a spot in the 2017 boston mare fon begins this monday when rolling registration gets underway. in past years, the fastest runners get first crack at bib numbers for april's race. we are proud to be your home for the 2017 boston marathon. >> is it that time already? >> it's hard to register now because you almost want to know what the weather is going to be on race day.
6:44 am
lot. >> it would? >> yes. >> danielle what can you do about that? come on, it's only six months out. >> it could be in the 40s, it could be the 80s -- >> i've seen both. >> it could be raining. always a little bit of something on marathon monday. we are talking about heat to end the week tomorrow. 90 degrees the forecast high. chasing the record. we won't quite get there. it was set last year. so a lot of heat to end the week. it's going to be pretty warm out there today, too. just have to fog. quarter mile visibility. we have a lot of spots running half a mile, quarter of a mile and that does mean it's a little bit soupy out the door. 66 in wooster. 68 in nashua. we're running in the lower to middle 60s from keen new hampshire to jaffrey. 64 in plymouth. and most of us are in the 60s. notice it doesn't really matter where you go. dew points are in the 60s too. upper 60s to low 70s from new bedford back down to the
6:45 am
so yes it's a dreary start but there will be some improvement through the afternoon. breaks of sunshine will come out as we head into the second half of the day, especially, and then another threat for a shower or storm comes in tonight. so high temperatures right around 80 at the coastline today. above average dachlt middle to even a few upper 80s possible with the most breaks of sun shine through the interior. norwood at 84. then 70s for most of us on the cape. let's take you through the hour by hour. what you'll notice is there's the map today. yes, there may be a spot shower or two between now and early afternoon. and then some breaks of sun do poke out. this is the map at 11:30 tonight. so right around midnight quick downpour isolated rumble of thunder can't be ruled outment it will be just that, though. it's not all that widespread unfortunately. so by tomorrow morning, you can blend of sun and clouds but the morning commute will be dry.
6:46 am
most of us, merrimack valley, near 90. 85 in wooster. lower 90s from plymouth to new bedford. we warm up at the coastline well into the 80s on cape cod. as the front comes through tomorrow, there's not moisture with it but it does shift the wind around. brings in lower humidity fort start of the weekend. there may be -- may be an isolated shower on the weekend. this wet weather you see back across new york and pennsylvania waits to arrive until saturday night. the first part of this weekend pretty well. temperatures in the lower 80s both days. a little cooler at the coast. 70s to start next week. plenty of sunshine too. warming back up in the 80s by tuesday and wednesday. >> danielle, you might want to rethink taking 93 south this morning. there is now two accidents right in a row. the first one happened down here, the second up in women ming ton. the woo burn accident happened right after exit 37. it is blocking the shoulder.
6:47 am
to exit 43. it is causing a 30-minute delay. that number keeps climbing. your best bet is to hop on 28 or 38 to avoid this. breaking news overnight in quincy. a kayaker missing from for most of the night has been found safe. >> we have learned kyle rager's kayak overturned. he had to swim to hoer. coast guard officials say he was knot wearing a life jacket and lost all of his belongings. his kayak is still adrift 2:15 this morning when rager's girlfriend called authorities to say he was safe. the coast guard says this is a reminder to always wear a life jacket and come prepared with the proper emergency equipment. and some developing news, police investigating a deadly shooting in dorchester. a man was shot on ripley road at about 8:30 last night. so far there have been no arrests. six people including three -- including three
6:48 am
problem with the oil burner. that's when they discovered the co problems. the officials say the levels were extremely high. residence of all 16 units had to leave the building until it could be cleared out. a driver has been charged in that deadly crash at sweet tomatoes. bradford casler is. chaed with to counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of operating a motor vehicle to endanger. the 55-year-old newton man lost control of his suv and drove march 1st. customers gregory morin and eleanor miele were killed. seven other people were injured. casler's arraignment date has not been set. most students in the city of boston go back to school today. mayor mattery walsh and superintendent tommy chang will visit several schools this morning. mayor walsh also starred in a video welcoming the students
6:49 am
inch the boston bruins new practice facility in brighton. officially opens today. it's called warrior ice arena. it's located at boston landing. after tonight's opening ceremony, the first official game will take place out there on that ice, some youth all-stars will face off against the bruins alumni. still to come on the program, for the red sox take advantage of a blue jay loss? >> david price on the mound for bo. first nfl start. what he says is key for him getting the job done. >> as boston heads back to school today, we are celebrating with our favorite students this morning. this is wbz reporter anna meiler as she's headed to school way back when.
6:50 am
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sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year- all beds on sale with the queen c2 mattress only $599.99. final days! ends sunday know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. . welcome back. new this morning, the red sox are in sole possession of the first place. david price pitched seven solid innings against the padres last night. travis shaw, all homered for the sox. boston wins it 7-2. they will have tonight off before beginning a three-game series against the second place blue jays in toronto tomorrow
6:53 am
gear up for the season opener against the cardinals in arizona on sunday. and jimmy garoppolo continues to prepare for his first regular season start. number ten has had two plus years to watch and learn from tom brady. he says all that time and preparation has helped slow things down for him on the field. >> i feel like it has. especially since like, i mean, rookie year and last year, you just -- i think biggest part of that is the mental part. once you know the offense, you know what you're looking for defense and everything like that, you can mentally break it down to where you almost know where you're going with the ball. and so it's a comforting feeling. >> we'll see how it goes in real life. remember wbz has the season opener covered for you starting with patriots all-access tomorrow night at 7:00. on sunday, it's patriots game day at 11:30. and immediately following the game tune back to wbz for the fifth quarter post game show. time for a closer look at
6:54 am
>> let's check in with charlie rose. >> reporter: ahead on cbs this morning, donald trump and hillary clinton clash on foreign policy in a debate preview. they're competing plans to take on isis. and we're counting down to monday's broadcast from the smithsonian national african-american museum. we'll take you to the new england vacation getaway that was settled by freed slaves. all of that and more the news is back in the morning, see you at
6:55 am
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6:57 am
. we are sharing our back-to-school photos today. this is the best picture of the day. can you tell who this little cowboy is? yes it's ken mcleod. >> that's the look o when i told my mother i want to be a cowboy i don't need to go to school. she said go to school. >> she said listen pattern, you get on that -- partner, you get on that horse. >> film had just been invented. >> did you real wear that to school? >> i probably did. >> what is so cute. >> i got home from school. >> he looks the exact same, too. >> aged just a little bit. >> back to school for the boston kids today. it's going to feel like summer.
6:58 am
the classroom today too. we have some fog this morning. that will burn off and lift by late morning. 92 in boston. >> wow. >> 80s for the upcoming weekend. a couple of showers around, but most of them come through saturday night into early on subbed morning. then it looks really nice -- sunday morning. then it looks nice. >> congratulate layings moms and dads, you made it to the first day of school. cheers. the. >> we'll see you again at noon. have a great morning. i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me.
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captioning funded by cbs 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump and hillary clinton clash over foreign policy on the same stage. and a newly released reveals colin powell's advice to clinton on using a personal account. will donald trump make a profit off of his presidential bid? how his own company is benefiting from campaign spending. a "playboy" playmate could go to jail for taking this pirp of an older woman at a gym and then posting it on snapchat. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. . they are not going to get ground troops.


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